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     PJ Moon and the Swappers is a band formed in Durango, CO in 2017. The Group was formed by bandleader PJ Moon, searching for a troupe of musicians who could help him realize his dream of making new modern rock and soul music with relevant, relatable lyrics on top of innovative rhythm and melodies. Come 2021- the band has found their home in the live music hotspot of Denver, Colorado.
     With a diverse team of jazz, blues, indie and funk players originally “swapping” out every few shows, the group developed into a core four piece of committed musicians who’ve taken their expression of soul from the west to the east, playing shows in Los Angeles at the Peppermint Club in West Hollywood, in Jackson Hole at the historic Silver Dollar Saloon, and in New York City at famed Times Square blues club, B.B. Kings.
     In the fall of 2018, the group’s first album, “Memoirs of Living in a Car” was released after being recorded at Scooter’s Place in Durango, CO. The record is a mix of genre bending rock and soul screaming rhythm & blues.           
     All of the songs are original works most of which started as compositions written by PJ Moon. With the input of the rest of the group, they eventually evolved into the complex yet catchy collection of songs that are now played at their live shows and streamed and downloaded across the world.
“The  songs sound familiar and recognizable, which is a good thing to draw the listener, and then they’re so many gems to enjoy within the song as well. The writing and the musicianship is a cut above.”    
     -Jim Gillaspy, owner of
      Jimmy’s music Durango, CO        
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Contact us
Manager/ Booking Agent:
Michelle "Flower" Olson
(303) 915- 7809

Audio Engineer:
James Mirabal
( 5 0 5 )  8 7 0 - 1 9 3 6


( 4 3 4 )  6 6 5 - 1 3 3 1
Pressed PR
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