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Pj Moon and the Swappers Gig Soup
"The highlight of the band is in the musicianship of each of the players, all working together to keep a tight groove. If this is the teaser to the album, we can’t wait to see what’s coming next."
Pj Moon and the Swappers herald Durango
[Memoirs of Living in a Car.] " . . . an album that is an apt reflection of their live show, where solid songwriting fits comfortably with jam and groove. The band can slow it down if need be, dipping into psychedelic rock territory, and they are not afraid to stretch things out into a Southern rock-inspired jam if the musical mood fits."
"PJ Moon and The Swappers draw from life experience on the road—and much more. The debut album of PJ Moon and The Swappers, "Memoirs of Living in a Car," was released last October. The album is an 11-track mix of everything—rock, soul, funk—and even a little bit of country."
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