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"Not only is PJ an incredibly talented musician in many formats and arrangements that work for a wide variety of venues, settings, and "vibes," he's a great person and super easy to work with. He responds quickly, is very professional, blows crowds away every time, and has live music running through his veins. I highly recommend him and think we will be seeing some big and amazing things from him in the future."

-Chris Brown

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Along with being the founder of Denver based band PJ Moon & The Swappers, PJ Moon has been performing his solo act since 2014 playing venues like The Acme in Nashville TN, Sylvana in New York City, The Hard Rock Cafe in Boston MA and back to the rockies at Number 38 in Denver CO.  This solo project provides the perfect opportunity to engage more intimate settings while still filling a room with layered instrument looping and singing.

"French 75"
Alex Blocker
feat. PJ Moon

Manager/ Booking Agent:Michelle "Flower" Olson

(303) 915- 7809

PJ Moon

( 4 3 4 )  6 6 5 - 1 3 3 1

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